San Bruno, California Pipeline Disaster

The Kinder Morgan Pipeline Investigation Materials were last updated in 2018. The firm no longer plans to update the website materials due to time constraints and expense. Time permitting, the firm will continue to post updated information on the firm’s social media pages, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

On September 9, 2010, a pipeline rupture explosion occurred in San Bruno, California. At the time it was reported that a wall of fire approximately 1,000 feet high was seen. Thirty-five houses were leveled. The explosion compromised a water main impacting the ability of first responders to fight the fires. The explosion killed 8 individuals and injured 58. Defective welds in the 54-year-old pipeline were identified as the cause of the explosion. In 2015, there have been two pipeline ruptures in California, one in Santa Barbara and the other in Fresno.