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In the course of operating a business, it is common to run into disagreements either within the business or with general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, state or federal regulators, or other third parties. How you handle these disagreements is critical to your business's success and reputation. Some business owners shy away from seeking legal advice especially from a business or commercial litigation firm due to concerns of incurring legal expenses as well as the fear of costs associated with losing business relationships and customers. While these concerns are legitimate, failing to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney can result in these fears being realized.

Shawn O'Neil has successfully represented businesses, farms, state institutions, managers, directors, and professionals in a variety of legal matters. Some of these matters ended up in litigation while many others were resolved often with creative solutions tailored to the individual or organization's needs. These types of cases included employment claims, civil fraud claims, breach of contract claims, insurance coverage claims, indemnity and contribution claims, or liabilities not covered by a commercial insurance policy.

Shawn will review and evaluate your legal matter. He will also discuss potential options you may have. Shawn will work diligently to secure a reasonable resolution or settlement in advance of trial, but is prepared to advocate your case in front of a jury if necessary.​

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