Practice Areas

Business & Commercial Litigation
Shawn O'Neil represents, with much success, businesses, farms, state institutions, managers, directors, and professionals in a variety of legal matters. Read more
Consumer Protection, Fraud & Misrepresentation
Sometimes even the most prudent individual or business owner is deceived by a dishonest person. Call Shawn if you've been a victim of such deceit. Read more
Employment & Civil Rights
​If you are an employee, employer or any other individual you should seek immediate counsel from a qualified attorney if you suspect you have a valid employment or civil rights claim. Read more
Elder Financial Abuse
Oregon has a number of remedies the elderly can utilize in order to seek court intervention and monetary damages against people who do them harm, whether physically or financially. Read more
Government Affairs & Advocacy
Shawn has had extensive experience working with public entities at the local, state, and federal level on behalf of individuals, business owners, and landowners. Read more
Personal Injury
If you or a loved have been injured as the result of another party's actions, you need to seek immediate legal advice. Shawn has extensive experience negotiating with adverse parties and insurance companies to get victims their proper compensation.Read more
Probate Litigation
Shawn has extensive experience negotiating with adverse parties in probate proceedings. He will work diligently to secure a reasonable resolution in advance of trial, but is prepared to advocate your case in court if necessary. Read more
Real Estate Disputes
Real Property Disputes can be very distracting to the residential or commercial land owner. When theses types of issues arise, it is critical that you seek legal advice on how best to proceed.Read more
Wrongful Death
If you've lost a loved one suddenly as the result of another person's intentional or negligent conduct, it is imperative that you seek an experienced attorney to advise you, especially if there are children or other dependents involved. Read more