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Shawn started this community outreach portal on his firm website to provide helpful information to his community and the State of Oregon. It is meant as an additional resource along with Shawn's community presentation's and social media communications. This is the access page to this information. Shawn obtained a majority of the information through Oregon's public records laws, the Freedom of Information Act, and his own independent research and investigation. While the information is not related to any attorney-client relationship or case Shawn is currently handling, there may be the rare occasion when the information released is related to one of Shawn's cases. However, the client(s) involved would have consented in writing to waive the attorney-client privilege and to release their information.

The information, links and resources shared in this section, the O'Neil Law LLC Facebook Page, Google Plus Page, Twitter Page, or comments made by Shawn on social media or in presentations are not an endorsement by Shawn or his firm of the quality of or sufficiency of the web pages or information provided. Some of the information provided will include correspondence exchanged between Shawn and public or private institutions. Those exchanges may raise legal issues or identify personal/legal opinions of the writer in order to advocate a position. Those legal issues and opinions are the writers alone, and disclosing them on this website or any other social media or presentation forum is not meant to advocate any particular legal position or personal opinion to the reader; as such, they should not be relied on. The Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy also applies to this information, links, and resources shared in this section, social media pages, and presentations given by Shawn.

The information provided should not be construed as legal advice and does not establish any sort of attorney-client relationship or privilege. By accessing this information, the reader/listener agrees to perform his/her own independent research and investigation. The reader/listener also agrees not to rely on this information with respect to any legal issue they may have without first consulting an attorney. To the extent the reader/listener wishes to secure legal advice, and does not have a personal attorney, feel free to contact Shawn’s law office at 503.570.8755 to set up an appointment.

By clicking on any of the links below, the reader/listener acknowledges reading the above statement and the Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy, understanding both, and agreeing to their terms. The reader/listener further understands that the above statement and the Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy apply to all subsequent webpages and links that follow after accessing this page.

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Investigation: Last Updated April 5, 2018

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