Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

The Kinder Morgan Pipeline Investigation Materials were last updated in 2018. The firm no longer plans to update the website materials due to time constraints and expense. Time permitting, the firm will continue to post updated information on the firm’s social media pages, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is the only agency within the State of Oregon that has some regulatory enforcement of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. The focus of DEQ’s authority is on environmental hazards such as oil spills. DEQ requires Kinder Morgan to submit an Oil Contingency Plan to address these types of hazards. DEQ's involvement is critical in pipeline oversight. However it is the PHMSA and not DEQ that has the necessary enforcement power over the operation, structural integrity, and safety of the pipeline.

The DEQ provided numerous records including Kinder Morgan Contingency Plan Letters, and email communications with Kinder Morgan. These records are too voluminous to place on this website. However, Shawn will provide a electronic copy of these records upon request. The links on the right of this page provide some but not all of DEQ documents.

Below is a Draft Regional Map of the pipeline produced by Kinder Morgan to DEQ. The Red and Blue lines running adjacent to I-5 identify the route of the pipeline.

Image:  Draft Regional Map of the pipeline produced by Kinder Morgan to DEQ