Citizen Awareness and Involvement In Pipeline Safety

Petroleum pipelines arguably are a necessary means to transport fossil fuels in a country largely dependent upon petroleum products. Pipelines are considered by some experts as far more efficient and safer than alternative transportation methods such as rail and truck transport. Simply stated, pipelines are not unique to any one particular community and are here to stay for the foreseeable future. ​

Nevertheless, the public should not be complacent on this issue. The key to pipeline oversight, safety, and emergency response is YOU. Here are some important suggestions to get you started:

  • If you observe a rupture on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, you should immediately contact 911 and Kinder Morgan Pipeline’s emergency number posted on the Pipeline Marker. The Current Local Number on the marker as of 8/9/2015 is: (5030 224-3390. Secondary Numbers are (213) 614-9461 and (213) 624-9462.
  • Before you dig in an area near the Pipeline or any other utility you should contact 811 so you can ask locate company to identify, at no cost to you, where any utility or pipeline is located.
  • Develop an emergency preparedness plan that takes into account a potential pipeline incident. This means, in part, having evacuation points located away from the pipeline hazard. The plan should take into consideration where you live, where your children go to school, and where you work. Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and the City of Wilsonville have some helpful information on their websites as well.
  • Under federal law, Kinder Morgan is required to assist with public awareness of pipelines especially those along the Pipeline path. Their website mentions important resources and educational materials that you should take advantage of. Kinder Morgan also send fliers in the mail ever so often with information about pipeline safety. Look at these materials.​
  • The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration also has helpful resources.
  • The watchdog organization, Pipeline Safety Trust, has some important resources that you can familiarize your self with.​
  • You can serve public records requests and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on public agencies; you can also make phone calls to the public agencies and Kinder Morgan if you need information or have questions.
  • If you have concerns, be vocal until they are addressed.​​