Shawn M. O'Neil, Attorney At Law

O'Neil Law LLC

​“I have been a successful small business owner for over 15 years. I currently own 4 businesses. Shawn’s guidance and  advice during a large part of this journey has helped me and my extended family tremendously. As an Asian-American woman it can be difficult to find an attorney with integrity who takes the time to recognize, understand, and respect cultural differences. Shawn is unique in this regard. He not only takes the time, but enjoys learning about cultures he is not familiar with. His integrity is beyond reproach. I consider him an excellent attorney.” By  N.

“I have used Shawn for a variety of legal matters as an advisor and advocate. He is an exceptional attorney. He takes the time to listen to my questions and concerns. He communicates clearly explaining my legal options and the expectations that go along with them. He is detailed oriented, responsive to my needs, and completes the work timely. As an advocate-he is tenacious while at the same time always the professional.” By L.

“Most of our extremely difficult cases, which often have political and internal ramifications, have been assigned to Shawn. In each case Shawn has taken the time to listen to the Department's position and has taken that into consideration when reaching a settlement. We have not always agreed on the route to take, but I respect his opinions, his legal advice, and his ability to work through disagreements.” by E.

“Shawn is a very talented and hard working trial attorney dedicated to getting the very best result he can for his client. Progressive thinking is what you will get from Shawn.” by W. 

“Shawn has been an exceptional mentor and role model.....Seemingly complex social or legal issues seem much more manageable after a conversation with Shawn. Very few people are so actively involved in their communities; Shawn exemplifies someone who gives back to improve the careers of Oregon's future legal professionals.” By V. 

“Shawn is a hard-working, dedicated trial attorney. He expertly manages case details while keeping his eye on the larger client goals. His deposition skills are amazing, and he takes time to mentor younger attorneys.” by K. 

“Shawn is a skilled, hard working and creative attorney who brings his best effort to every case. He is both detailed-oriented and able to see the big picture in solving a client's problems.” by A. 

“ Shawn is an excellent lawyer both in the courtroom and in the office. He is concientious and thorough.....” by M. 

“... I rely on Shawn's judgment and advice in employment matters, in evaluating the effect of new case law or proposed legislation and in determining the level of risk we are willing to take in making personnel-related decisions. Though Shawn's legal advice is pragmatic, his analysis is not diluted by expediency. As a result, he is often the lone voice in the room. And it is the one I seek out. I am not alone in this regard. DOJ's leadership and agency heads do the same.” By P.

“Over the past year, there have been several times when I had a sensitive matter that needed a top trial attorney who would also understand the complexities of the people and/or issues involved. I turned to Shawn and know that I will continue to do so in the future. He does and outstanding job of keeping me informed, understanding that some situations need creative thinking.....” By W.

“...Shawn brought extensive experience as a civil litigator and manager to his position [at SAIF]. He aggressively pursued recovery in our third party cases and his team was able to surpass the previous annual record for third party recoveries... Shawn represented SAIF on several cases in his capacity as a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Trial Division for the Oregon Department of Justice... He was responsive to our needs and was an excellent advocate for SAIF's position on all these matters. He continued to be an excellent resource for SAIF when he was later elevated to Attorney-in-Charge of the Civil Litigation Section.”  By R. 

(The names of the  individuals providing testimonials have been withheld to protect personal information. Results achieved for one client do not necessarily indicate similar results for another client. Every case is unique. RPC 7.1(a)(6).)


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